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Here you can find sanctuary, serenity and peace as you find the path that is just right for you

People have always searched for answers to the deepest questions in life, and in our present era, many have started to find such answers outside the realms of traditional education, mainstream psychology and religion.


An exponential number of paths are now manifesting from a multitude of new sources, teachers and traditions. Some of these are proving to offer an unheralded authenticity and journey of ongoing self-discovery, while others tend to market “quick fixes” that too often ignore the true meaning and value of self work..


According to the Vedic tradition, which is thousands of years old - we live in the Kali Yuga - the age of great confusion.

According to the American New Age - which is approximately only 50 years old - we live in the time which is the beginning of a New Age of enlightenment and spirituality.


We at Sprit Mountain recognise both perspectives and strive to bring you a balanced understanding of these very opposite but at the same time complimentary views of the current world in which we live. 


We believe that the ancient traditions, common to every culture, are the key to the understanding the current development of the human consciousness. 


We endeavour to present you with a wholesome, deep and holistic perspective of reality, ensuring you get access to the most authentic, real and varied set of teachings available from trusted sources, from myriad of traditional and esoteric teachings. 

Spirit Mountain and its growing group of teachers and practitioners are committed to aiding
you on your personal journey of evolution and transformation, bridging the worlds of
ancient wisdom, science, spirituality, philosophy, integrated medicine and natural health.
Here you can find sanctuary, serenity and peace as you find the path that
is just right for you.

Welcome to Spirit Mountain!


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