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Price - £149


Unique information transmission followed by a powerful alchemic transmutation - join the dry path of fire!


This is an introductory teaching on the esoteric traditions of alchemy. Intriguing, hidden secrets of the Western esoteric tradition will be revealed and discussed. Places of power - often referred to as "power points" - will be talked about in great detail, identifying their place in macro cosmos. Discover visible but at the same time hidden to the eye realities of Gothic cathedrals and how we can use the powers within them to serve our consciousness.

A sacred space of stillness and introspection is created, enabling the participants to receive a deep and lasting experience of consciousness and soul empowerment from their inner higher realms.

The whole ritual and energetic/meditative interaction will be based and conducted according to ancient traditions and is designed to promote alignment to everyone’s soul purpose and personal healing.

This is a powerful ritual of transmutation* so if you have things to change and let go off in your life, this healing experience is for you.


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Transmutation - is spiritual alchemy. It's about wielding universal laws and forces. When you know how to move among higher and lower energy frequencies in order to transmute one into the other, miracles happen.


Part 1 - Understanding what Stand behind Transmutation

  • What is Transmutation? Where have you heard this word before? 

  • Officially, Alchemy was about transmuting lead into gold

  • Alchemy talks in symbols - we are going to look and understand a few

  • Nicolas Flamel - famous alchemist and what did he know about transmutation

  • When he entered the path of initiation, he was entering an inner journey, an esoteric journey of inner understanding, of facing one self, of facing one’s demons in order to be able to transmute his consciousness into its highest possible equivalent. In other words, transmuting his ego (the light) into gold, spirit, consciousness

  • Understanding that this is a deep transformation: facing one’s ego, facing one’s personality, understanding one’s self

  • Knowing yourself is a journey of the pilgrims of life, of the alchemists

  • Alchemist is trying to transform himself, transform his consciousness, his awareness

  • You will find out in depth what dry and wet alchemy means and what hides behind the words

  • We are going to be looking at different realities behind esoterics, spirituality and personal growth


Part 2 - Western Esoteric Traditions and their secrets

  • Learn about Fulcanelli - an alchemist of the 20th century, a man who opened a window into the secrets of Western esoteric traditions

  • Find our what the mysteries of the cathedrals are 

  • Ancient wisdom that was written on the stone by the master masons 

  • Where did they hide the secrets? They hid them in a plain view 

  • Reality is not what it looks like, the world is not what it looks like. There are so many secrets and mysteries hidden in history, so many hidden narratives. We will uncover some of those for you in this course

  • Gregorian chants are not what they seem - find out what is so special about them


Part 3 - The Real Transmutation

  • All alchemists try to transmute themselves - but into what? And how?

  • we are all unique. we are souls reincarnated in physical body and we are in a special dimension, that was designed, one way or another, for you to know yourself

  • just by being alive, you discover who you are, you discover what your issues are, what are your strong and weak points.

  • mirror dimension. the moment you enter this dimension as a soul, you cannot help but see yourself in others and through situations and you are going to discover what is inside you, what kind of person you are.

  • and a lot of times, we are going to try not to see and try to hide the weak inside us.

  • people are always growing, slow or fast, it is just the matter of speed. everyday we have an opportunity to grow further.

  • you took physical and emotional body, mind and mental body to allow yourself to experience this reality and grow

  • at the end of the day, what we are doing here is becoming the best versions of ourselves.

  • if you want to know your light, all you have to do is go into your shadows.

  • there are many methods and ways to align your mind, your body, to awaken your consciousness, to raise your frequency, but, ultimately, it is all about knowing yourself and transmuting yourself into the best possible version of yourself. 


  • today we are going to carry a ritual, a healing transition. we are going to enter the path of fire, we are going to use the fire as a transmutation element


This course would be good for anybody who is looking at gaining a deeper knowledge into the subject of transmission and alchemic transmutation. 

This course will give you an introduction of the esoteric traditions of alchemy. It will also go deep into the history of the Gothic cathedrals and how we can use the powers within them to serve our consciousness.

Price - £149

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