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Price - £28

(10% of each burner sold will go to Ukraine - to support the children)


For the past decade, aromatherapy has been on an upward trend. As it grows in popularity, more people are looking for useful tools and accessories to practice their favourite hobbies. One of the most important things you can have is a burner that works with your incense sticks and cones. Doing so will enable you to enjoy more pleasant fragrances throughout your home or workplace.

One example of a burner you can use with your incense is the backflow incense burner. It sends incense smoke downward instead of up, giving it an aesthetic appeal. Maintaining a backflow incense burner is also significantly easier compared to oil warmers for burning resin.

Consider using backflow incense burners while you are practising meditation, yoga, or even to aid sleep.


1. Aromatherapy

When you light up an incense cone and place it on the burner, you actively participate in aromatherapy. These incense burners are often made using different materials like ceramic and other heat resistive materials for safety reasons. You can also use backflow burners while you do your pedicure or go to sleep.

2. Aesthetic Interior Décor

Because of its flowing waterfall effect, these burners and incense cones are easier to maintain and keep. The smoke follows the aesthetic route of the burner, creating a sea of smoke. This aspect adds to the burner's beauty and can be a great décor for your workspace, bedroom, or even your living room.

3. Dehumidifier

Did you know a good incense burner can even work as a humidifier? It's obviously not as powerful or effective, but the backflow incense can remove pollen and other allergens present in the room. You can also use backflow incense burners to mask hard-to-get rid of scents and odours in the area. Consider lighting up an incense cone with a floral keynote.

4. The Fragrance Can Last Longer

Most incense sticks and cones don’t last longer than 25-30 minutes, but when it comes to backflow incense burners, the fragrance they offer can be more durable. Because the smoke flows down and is denser, it permeates throughout the room differently. This can create a fragrance that has the potential to last longer.

Price - £28

(10% of each burner sold will go to Ukraine - to support the children)

Get the backflowing cones to go with
your beautiful new burner

These incense cones work with the backflow burner you use special you place these at the top of the backflow burner.

The difference between backflow incense cones and normal incense cones is that there is a tunnel in the middle of cones. The air stays cool in this opening. Because air (and therefore smoke) flows down, the smoke will go down through the waterfall. To create a special effect, more smoke is released from a backflow cone.

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