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Universal Law of Symbols

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Symbols are everywhere. Universe speaks to us through the wonderful world of symbols. When you look around, you cannot help seeing them. Another thing of course is recognising these symbols and interpreting them. This is where things might get a little bit complicated. Some of the symbols are universal, some of them are based on specific cultures, countries, traditions and even families. Many of the symbols are taken for granted and we simply do not consider them to be what they truly are. However, the web of them is all around us, even in our dreams. We can learn through the ordinary to understand the cosmic Law of Symbols. In this video, Erkki will go through day to day examples or symbols and their meanings. You will see how mother nature carefully created plants and flowers to help us navigate the world of signs and how to tie them into your daily life. Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again? How about the same or very similar dreams? What is the message behind these and should we pay closer attention to these. Your phone number, passport number, house and apartment that you live in - they all have a meaning. Depending on how prominent these numbers are, they can tell you a lot about your current situation and life lessons. If you would like to learn more about the symbols and the signs that Universe uses to communicate with us and become an active doer rather than just a passive receive, this course is for you.

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