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Numerology Basics

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Numerology Basics with Keadar offers a concise training in numerology for anyone wanting to acquire the basic and comprehensive knowledge of this subject. ​ In this course you will learn: Basic knowledge of the art of Numerology Fundamental meaning of numbers How to use this knowledge in your daily life How to calculate your basic numerology chart - Life Path number - Life Expression number - Soul Urge number - Personality number How to calculate energies in different cycles of your life to work on.​ This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves or seek to understand their loved ones through the forces expressed in numbers. By doing so you become more aware of who you are, how you operate, which areas will make you grow and this will ultimately lead you to the path of finding your balance and healing your life.

Вы также можете присоединиться к марафону в моб. приложении.


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