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Transmutation by Fire

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О марафоне

Unique information transmission followed by a powerful alchemic transmutation - join the dry path of fire! This is an introductory teaching on the esoteric traditions of alchemy. Intriguing, hidden secrets of the Western esoteric tradition will be revealed and discussed. Places of power - often referred to as "power points" - will be talked about in great detail, identifying their place in macro cosmos. Discover visible but at the same time hidden to the eye realities of Gothic cathedrals and how we can use the powers within them to serve our consciousness. A sacred space of stillness and introspection is created, enabling the participants to receive a deep and lasting experience of consciousness and soul empowerment from their inner higher realms. The whole ritual and energetic/meditative interaction will be based and conducted according to ancient traditions and is designed to promote alignment to everyone’s soul purpose and personal healing. This is a powerful ritual of transmutation* so if you have things to change and let go off in your life, this healing experience is for you.

Вы также можете присоединиться к марафону в моб. приложении.


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