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THIS IS A TEXT BASED COURSE WITH A HEALING MEDITATION ​ Intuitive healing and inspiration on how to bring intuition into your everyday life. In this course esoteric teachings and healing will be discussed, we have analysed different aspects of intuition, compassion and consciousness. We have opened the topic of intuitive healing and given inspiration on how to bring intuition into your everyday life. Other subjects that will be touch relate to healing, metaphysics, magic and spiritual development. WHAT DOES THIS COURSE CONSISTS OF Section 1: “Mind is a Projection of the Soul” - 2 Parts Section 2: “What is Intuition - 2 Parts Section 3: “The Importance of Multi Universe” - 2 Parts Section 4: “The Esoteric Truth ” - 2 Parts Section 5: “The Consciousness of Openness ” - 2 Parts At the end of the session, you will receive an intuitive meditation, using healing words and mantras and being accompanied by Kriste Eerme with the use of Tibetan singing bowls. During the healing session a sacred space of stillness and introspection will be created, providing everyone an opportunity to receive a deep experience of consciousness and soul empowerment from their inner higher realms.

Вы также можете присоединиться к марафону в моб. приложении.


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