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The 30-Day Awakened Man Challenge

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О марафоне

The 30-Day Awakened Man Challenge is a guidance tool for creating order in your life, grit in your character and peace in your core. This first of its kind programme has been specially crafted to take men on the transformational journey towards powerful purpose, inner peace and masculine meaning. The 30-Day Awakened Man Challenge is split into 5 sections, that’s 4 weeks and one final section of two days. These sections and days offer daily readings and an associated daily task in the following key areas:​ WEEK-1: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE It’s All Up to You Your Soul Your Emotions Your Thoughts Your Body Your Health Your Finances WEEK-2: THE OUTER WORLD Building Powerful Links Your Community Your Collective Spirit Your Closest Confidante Your Mentors Giving Back to the Community Giving Back to the World WEEK-3: A FRAMEWORK FOR LIVING Living By a Code of Honour What Are You Aiming At Your Life Structure Work: Part 1 Work: Part 2 Your Work Community Preparing for the Next Level WEEK-4: THE NEXT LEVEL Quit Complaining Fail Better Helping Others Releasing Demons Boy Psychology Man Psychology Death-Based Meditation FINAL STEPS Affirmations Vow to the Universe

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