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Foundational Breathwork Course

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О марафоне

WELCOME TO FOUNDATIONAL BREATHWORK COURSE ​ In last 7 years while working with thousands of people Nisarga had a chance and privilege to see amazing transformation in his clients’ lives. Many of them were able to stabilise their Central Nervous System and heal their childhood or shock traumas. Some of them suffered from sexual abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, migraines, headaches, panic attacks , substance abuse, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue disorder or even phobias. For many of Nisarga's clients working with breathwork resulted in profound healing and transformation bringing more happiness, peace, forgiveness and joy in their lives. In this course Nisarga would like to introduce you to 5 major types of breath that will be great introduction to breathwork. Practices include Relaxing Breath, Heart Resonance, Diaphragmatic Breath, Energising Breath, Somatic Breath. We would recommend that during the practice you can find some peaceful place for practicing 5-10 min daily each of those techniques which Nisarga will explain in depth in the next 5 chapters. WHAT DOES THIS COURSE CONSIST OF 1. Introduction to the Foundational Breathwork Course 2. Relaxing Breath Practice 3. Heart Resonance Breath Practice 4. Diaphragmatic Breath Practice 5. Energising Breath Practice 6. Somatic Breath Practice 7. Summary video

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