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Spiritual Laws of Abundance

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О марафоне

What is a normal and healthy relationship with money? Some people look at money as if it was the whole entire centre of the universe. Which way is right? Is there a way to be both spiritual and wealthy? There are laws that govern the subject of money. It is a very big subject, it is complex however we will do our best in giving you the best possible picture and benefit from this course. This workshop consists of esoteric teachings that offer you a unique opportunity to enter a better and more conscious relationship with your personal abundance. Discover and explore the three spiritual laws of abundance, which impact our daily lives. The course is followed by a powerful journey and energy alignment to balance ourselves to abundance and eliminate possible blockages around money. WHAT DOES THIS COURSE CONSIST OF Video 1 - “Relationship with Money” - 14 MIN Video 2 - “Creating Value” - 20 MIN Video 3 - “Love is key” - 13 MIN Video 4 - “Work Ethics” - 24 MIN Video 5 - “Remembering your Soul Dream” - 17 MIN Video 6 - “Meaning of Abundance” - 9 MIN Video 7 - “Spirituality vs Money” - 16 MIN Video 8 - “Finding the Balance” - 14 MIN Video 9 - “Deep Journey & Alignment” - 45 MIN *This course was hosted live, on Zoom and with audience present in the room. In this unique setting, you can benefit from people asking questions and opening the subject even further. This course is conducted in English with translation to Estonian.

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