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Meditation Mastery

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О марафоне

The Meditation Mastery course has been designed to offer you a clear insight into what meditation really is, show you your true nature and bring you into the indwelling peace within. The 7-Step online course is ideally done over 7 days takes you on a journey within, exploring how meditation, your very being, and silence itself are truly linked. This peaks with the most fundamental realisation you can make in the recognition of your own pure peaceful being, where you see meditation is simply a clear way to abide in what you are. WHAT DOES THIS COURSE CONSISTS OF Session 1 - What is Meditation really about? Session 2 - Who & What are you? Session 3 - What is Silence? Session 4 - “I am" & Returning home Session 5 - I am Something Session 6 - I am No-Thing Session 7 - I am Everything HOW LONG DOES THIS COURSE TAKE Ideally, you’ll complete this course in a week, doing a meditation a day. Each meditation lasts anything between 15 and 30 minutes, meaning you should allocate a 30 minute slot at a certain time each day. During this time for meditation, ensure that: You won’t be disturbed You’re in a quiet place You’re sitting in a comfortable position with a straight back You won’t have any disturbances from technology (phones/computers/tablets, etc) You’re not in a stressed or intoxicated state On the last point, you should note that meditation leads to a high-level of introspection, meaning you should aim to be sober-minded and living healthily.

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