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Universal Laws of Thought & Speech

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Thought is a central factor in human life. It is said that thought is the beginning of all things. It precedes speech, it is also the precursor of act and activity. In fact, our entire life is in some sense an expression of our thoughts. Speech is a continuation of thought and functions as its transformer and strengthener, allowing entrance to many levels where thought alone could not penetrate. Thought and Speech are in many respects parallel functions, and a person who controls his thoughts well has come far in the most important thing, the control of his own self.​ WHAT DOES THIS COURSE CONSIST OF There are 12 Universal Laws in total. In this course, Erkki will give a profound knowledge on the two Universal Laws: Law of Thought and Law of Speech. Part 1 - "Law of Thought" - 19 min Part 2 - "Law of Speech" - 12 min

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