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The 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse

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In the noise of the modern world, it’s all too easy for a man to get detached from his mental, physical and spiritual balance, which is why Richard of Awakened Man has created the 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse. The 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse is all about working your way through the mental, emotional and spiritual toxins to our core, before finding peace within on Day 4, and then returning back out into the world renewed, refreshed and re-energised. WHAT DOES THIS COURSE CONSISTS OF DAY 1 - “Opening yourself out”​ DAY 2 - “Into the Wilderness" DAY 3 - “Bodily Cleanse" DAY 4 - “Spiritual Fasting" DAY 5 - “The Peace Within" DAY 6 - "Forgiveness" DAY 7 - "Love"

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