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Become a Mental Health First Aider

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О марафоне

Become a mental health first aider Provide timely peer support and rapid relief, plus lead conversations about mental wellness with friends and colleagues What you'll learn: - Provide rapid relief to someone in distress and so prevent a more serious condition arising - How the stress response can translate into mental health issues and how knowing this is therapeutic - Identify the causes of stress in the work place and learn the key factors that develop a positive work culture - Help someone come out of a panic attack quickly and prevent them experiencing one in the future - Use the understanding of the twelve emotional needs to help lift anxiety and depression - Language skills to help someone overcome blocks to utilising their own innate resources - Deflect destructive language and instead use new language skills to stimulate positive change - Normalise conversations about mental health so as to encourage positive change in the workplace - Simple relaxation techniques to prevent stressed thinking and behaviour - Dispel nine harmful myths about mental health and psychotherapy that create confusion, doubt and resistance to change

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