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Start changing your life today with this easy to follow, Gratitude Calendar. Challenge yourself to be better, to be grateful for all you have and see how your life changes.


Use this calendar to take the time each day to remember what you are thankful for. This collection of quotes, mini-tasks and reminders is here to help you stick to it. Simply follow the dates and surprise yourself with how much you have to be truly grateful for.

For every task take the time to think about what you are grateful for - think about that subject, that person or that situation etc.


We encourage you to even keep a gratitude journal, where you can go deep or it might be that there is not a task that day but you just want to write something you are grateful for.

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Price - FREE


Gratitude changes your mood, your attitude and more things will come into your life for you to be grateful for.

Gratitude can:

  • Increase positive emotions

  • Improve mental wellbeing

  • Improve sleep

  • Can strengthen relationships

and much more


We would love to hear your feedback and how this gratitude calendar has helped you, or changed any aspects in your life.

You can contact us via email or send us a message on social media

Price - FREE

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