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A powerful combination of intuitive healing and Bach flower therapy. Bach flower remedies help you return to your balanced state and stay aligned so that your healing process can take place. The flowers are selected for you according to your need. During the channeled healing, the energy goes where it is needed the most, in order to help you heal and grow. Many people experience relaxed feeling, their mental chatter calms down and many also feel energized during the session. Together, they support and strengthen each other's effect to give you efficient and deep transformation. 

Price - £145

*Available in Russian


Energy travels through space in an instant and you have most likely witnessed it already without even realising. Mother's innate ability to know when the child is in trouble even if they are miles apart; thinking about an old friend and that person giving you a call that same day.

Thoughts are a type of energy, just like healing energy is - they can travel across space in an instant. With the right tools and training, healers can channel energy to anyone anywhere in the world.



A healer, energy worker and an oracle. She was born and raised in Thailand where generations of healers from both mother and father's side in her lineage have passed on their gift and secrets to her.

Online healing sessions are just as powerful as hands-on, personal contact. This will allow you to receive healing in the comfort of your own home and get the same benefits no matter where you are.

Price - £145

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