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Chances are - you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. “The Secret” might of made it much more mainstream but have you ever wondered where the idea came from? Or whether The Law of Attraction seminars, courses, books and videos actually teach and share the full truth with you. 


In this ebook, we would like to address the Law of Attraction in depth, explore the origins of the law and see whether it is all that simple. 

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Price - FREE

If you have tried the Law of Attraction for yourself you might of asked yourself one of these questions: 

  • Is law of attraction real? 

  • Will law of attraction work for me and my desires?

  • Who discovered law of attraction? 

  • How to see the signs that the law of attraction is working? 

  • Which law of attraction technique is best? 

  • Or if you went a step further: Can law of attraction attract a specific person? Can law of attraction change destiny? How about personal appearance? 

  • Or maybe if you haven’t seen the desired results: Why law of attraction doesn’t work? Why law of attraction fails?


You see a lot of stories online about how law of attraction changed my life; how it worked on attracting the right person into ones life; how it created love and abundance for so many people. But what seems to be missing is - at what cost? How does law of attraction really work? Can you attract and manifest great things without doing the work? 


In this ebook, we would like to give you our thoughts on the matter taken from ancient esoteric traditions and knowledge that was kept secret for centuries. And there is a good reason behind it. 


Feel free to download your free pdf copy of “Law of Attraction without Action - food for thought”. 

Price - FREE

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