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El futuro dentro

Educación en línea

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Kriste Eerme is an intuitive healer, medium, experienced therapist of bodywork, breathwork, massage and Bach remedies. She works intuitively, by listening to what the body is telling her and then uses different modalities which help her read the body in order to understand what is happening.

MER-massage (Myofascial Energetic Release) is a very powerful sensory technique which helps people to release tensions and suppressed emotions from their body through conscious touch and presence. 

During the session, Kriste channels to get a detailed explanation what is going on in the body, so that it can be acknowledged, released and healed.

Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) is also something Kriste uses often in her work which is a great way to heal trauma by integrating deep connected breathing with conscious touch, movement, sound, meditation for intuitive healing. 

She hosts individual breathwork sessions and also group sessions which are called Gong breathing, where people are using breathing, movement, sound and meditation together with the sounds of gong, Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls in order to release the tensions and find balance and harmony in the body. The breathwork sessions can be done in person and online.


Kriste is also a practitioner of Lomi lomi Nui massage. This Hawaiian temple-style bodywork was originally performed by Kahunas (masters) to transform and balance all aspects of self to create harmony and flow in a person’s being. Accompanied by Hawaiian prayers and rituals this practice aids in connection to the forces of nature.


Personalised healing journeys and guided meditations with Tibetan bowls are available in person and online to help the individual connect with their true nature, align with their purpose, find the inner joy and peace of mind. The healing takes place in physical, emotional and mental level wherever it is needed the most. 

Another way of conducting these meditations is using active meditation, where the main focus is on physical movements, however it has a great purifying effect on the subconscious mind. It helps to release the suppressed beliefs and thought patterns from the cellular level.


Kriste is dedicated in helping people find their balance and harmony using conscious touch, presence and inter-dimensional compassion. We are all interconnected. Everybody is a part of a whole and when you heal different parts of yourself, you also heal the whole.

El futuro dentro

Educación en línea

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