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Georgina Monroy is a rare avis - successful architect from Guadalajara Mexico she is also known as a sensitive healer and medium both in her natal Mexico and in Europe and Scandinavia where she has completed several tours to live audiences in Spain, Portugal, Estonia and Finland. 

She works with clients around the world aiding them through her gift of healing and mediumship. 

Georgina has the capacity to connect with what she calls peoples spiritual team , as well as their higher selfs and family and ancestral support networks. 

For her is all about getting answers and guidance from people's higher realms based on their own souls perspective and wisdom 

Each session is unique and is entirely focus on the precise and deep messages she gets for those that come to her , she is a wise , compassionate down to earth woman with a beautiful gift of healing,  that we at Spirit Mountain feel honored to provide to our users.

Georgina's live group sessions as well as one on one healing will be available soon on our platform.

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