Graciela has 47 year of experience working in health and is based in Córdoba’s province, Argentina. She is a facilitator and professor of Cellular Memory (Goncalves’s method). Graciela trained directly with Teresa Goncalves herself - originator of the method and worked closely with her as her right hand for many years before she went on to develop an enhanced version of Goncalves’s method involving quantic and holographic medicine.

Graciela has done extensive research on aquatic and terrestrial psychomotricity research working with preschool, children, teenagers, adults and people with disabilities.


Among other things, she is also:

  • Therapist and professor at Flores Silvestres de América

  • Vocational training instructor specialized in Cellular Memory and Floral method

  • Cellular Memory researcher in different areas: Violence, Mistreatment, Abuse, Obesity, Bulimia, Anorexia and Addictions

  • Social psychologist, specialized in psychoanalyses 

  • Chinese medicine’s therapist 

  • Holistic reflexologist Chinese and Vedic

  • Grinberg Method’s reflexologist

  • Polarity’s therapist

  • Physical education teacher

  • Swimming instructor and coach

  • Designed various methods available for children and adults to overcome the fear of swimming 

  • Professor specializes in working with people with disability 

  • Trained in Universidad Fajardo (Physical therapy/Rehabilitation), in Cuba

  • Creator of Holística de Ayuda al Prójimo La Estrella Foundation

  • La Estrella school’s director which she created in 2003

  • She remains active in teaching and researching about Cellular Memory as well as attentive regarding patients’ wellness

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