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Krystyna’s life has been a journey in which self work and reflection have often taken the back seat and she really felt the consequences of this neglect. Having completed a Masters degree in Hospitality and Business Management in Sydney, Australia and after working for some of the largest hospitality chains around the world, she finally felt that with 8 years of experience in the field, it was time to open up her own restaurant. That’s when she felt like the biggest transformation took place, where real and honest inner work had to happen as it is your struggles, you get to face the real, true “you”. Some are not ready for it and try to escape it but for her it was time to embrace it.

Ever since then, she has begun rebuilding her path and rediscovering who she truly is and what her soul came to this planet to do.  


Having gone through a process of deep self enquiry and transformation, Krystyna is now helping people along their journeys of self rediscovery. Reiki healer, TM meditator, Bach remedies practitioner and coach, she uses a number of modalities to suit one’s particular needs and chooses the most gentle yet effective method to reach the end goal. 


Krystyna founded Spirit Mountain Academy out of love for spirituality and the sense of belonging, love and joy it can bring. It is her goal to assist you in reconnecting with your authentic self and making this life a more pleasurable experience.


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Будущее внутри


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