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Numbers are present everywhere and each of them has its own energy, vibration and each contains a lot of information. We encounter recurring numbers that try to tell us something all the time but it is not always that we choose to pay attention to them or know what hidden meaning they bare.
We also have our own unique set of number combinations hidden in our names and birthday.

These numbers help us learn more about who we truly are, what we are here to do, about our strengths, our weaknesses and challenges we have to face in this life. Knowing our numbers aids us in navigate through life more easily, it also brings awareness into our lives which, in turn, makes our self-growth journey and healing process much easier. It is also an excellent start to healing from within.


  • Do you know your numbers?

  • What do they say about you?

  • What do you need to understand about yourself, in order to be more aligned, in peace and generally happy?




A healer, energy worker and an oracle. She was born and raised in Thailand where generations of healers from both mother and father's side in her lineage have passed on their gift and secrets to her.

This session is for you if you have been searching for answers to these questions and want to gain an understanding of what your soul is here to experience and learn.

Price - £85

*Available in Russian

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