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We invite you to send us pictures, videos and your stories of close encounters with the paranormal


To the corner of the paranormal

The reality of our world is far more complex than science would like us to believe

Places can register and carry on "suffering" for hundreds, even thousands of years. Violent, intense emotions and happenings in fact can haunt places and leave their mark on the very fabric of reality. 

This fascinating phenomena demonstrates a totally different reading of time and space - ghosts, psychophonies and the like, open the debate on the survival of the self after death… 

Let’s explore, understand and even ultimately heal the space time continuum!

At Spirit Mountain, we will show you not just the paranormal activity, from ghost to poltergeists, to everything that you can think of connected to this most fascinating subject. We are going to go and share with you the real stories of the paranormal phenomena and explore the esoterical side of it.

The paranormal has been common to all cultures for thousands of years. At Spirit Mountain, we are going to look at what is happening, who is it happening to, where, what is behind it and what do the esoteric traditions have to say about it.

We will also help those people and places that perhaps need the paranormal activity to cease and resolve it with the help of our in house mediums and energy workers. We will “exorcise” the place that needs it at the owner's request in order for the suffering and the issues that are energetically affected to be laid to rest.


Please send your images, enquires and share your stories:

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