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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I like reading symbols, be it Tarot cards, numerology or other symbols that may pop up during the day, during meditation, and of course symbols in dreams! I love dreams. For a long time, dreaming was my only safe channel.

You see, life happens, and being a healer only means I have tools to help myself and others, but life still happens. Even if it sounds like I was born and raised in to a spiritual environment, but people are people and people are prone to making mistakes. Therefore, I have experienced and seen a few things in life that made me doubt everything including myself. To be honest, at one point I couldn't even read tarot because I thought everything I knew about was just wrong. That was how bad my doubt was. But I always dreamed, as long as I remember I always saw dreams and no one ever argued with my dreams. No one would come up to me and say that I'm not supposed to see dreams or that I was supposed to see only certain dreams. Everyone knows dreams are dreams and you see what you see in dreams. So if I had trust issues in my waking, I can trust dreams in my sleep. Although, I don't enjoy nightmares and bad dreams but at least they don't lie to me and they reflect the state of my mind and my life situation, which, if I would just try to understand, would point me into the direction of where I still need to heal.

Everyone dreams

Science says everyone dreams whether they remember them or not. A lot of people say that dreams are a part of the mechanism when you sleep and your mind processes the information from the whole day. So if we eat something wrong, we might see a weird dream, so to speak. Dreams can tell a lot about our emotional state too, because what we're feeling that day, it can be the ongoing situation that we can't seem to find a solution to or that life has been great and we see beautiful dreams.

But dreams are more than that to me. It's never 'bad day equal bad dream' or 'good day gives sweet dream' to me. Sure, most of my dreams tell me of my current emotional state but sometimes, I do get dreams that foretell about what is to come. I get dreams that explain things to me more than I ever could from anyone or anywhere. I get weird dreams, too. And some of my dreams are just crazy! In fact, my dreams are so interesting that a friend of mine once said it would be cool to just plug a TV to my head and see them on the screen, might be as much fun as watching a movie! I'm going to share a few of them with you as an examples so you get the idea.

Dreams are full of Symbols

Once I ordered a deck of dragon cards. There was a problem with the order so the delivery was delayed and I had no idea when I would get my cards. Then one night, I dreamed that I was running and from the opposite end of the road came flying a gigantic green serpent! Now, I'm not reptile friendly and I would scream and run at the sight of a snake. So a giant snake flying towards me (even when it was a dream) more than just freaked me out. I put my arms up to protect myself and my right hand went straight inside the serpent's mouth. I woke up with that. Now, if you want to get into dream interpretation then let's have a brief discussion here before we go back to my dream.

Symbols in dreams are personal, so if you have a certain feeling about it, go with it, it's your subconscious mind trying to communicate with you, so the symbol should be something that 'you' should understand. If you have no idea, no feeling about it, ask for help, there are people who love interpreting dreams and can help you analyse your dream symbols. There are universal symbols and they are pretty interesting.

Snakes can mean many things. There are 'good snakes' and 'bad snakes' in dreams and I've had both. I still don't understand where the Thai interpretation of 'having a snake coiling around you means you're going to find a soulmate' comes from. I never resonated with that and I have seen a lot of snake dreams! I'm (old enough and) experienced enough to understand which snake is which when it comes to my dreams and gigantic, flying serpents are dragons! Think of Chinese dragons, they don't have wings and yet they fly! They're big 'serpents'! So I knew when I woke up that there was dragon energy in the dream. Now, in the dream, it was green. Green is the colour of growth and healing! And the dragon caught my arm (in fact had my whole hand in it) so it was something to do with me and healing and guess what? That day my dragon cards arrived! Dragon cards, just like many other oracle cards, are designed to give you guidance and when used well, they eventually help you heal so it made sense that the dragon in the dream was green! I don't get that kind of reaction with every deck of card I purchase, in fact, that was the only time I reacted so strongly about cards. Then again, I like dragons, as weird as it sounds because I don't like reptiles, but I like dragons (or at least I think I do). A healer/shamanic friend has seen a dragon coming to protect me during our exchanged healing session so I suppose I have some kind of connection with that energy.

Let me share you another dream, this will make you laugh. At that time, I had a crush on a guy and in the dream, we were at a fair, there were fireworks and all sorts of booths. Then the clock hit midnight and we had to go. The guy said he was staying at a hotel which was on my way home so I offered a lift since I had a car. I drove him there and guess what the name of the hotel was? As I approached the hotel, I saw the huge sign with the hotel name and it reads 'THE END'. The hotel name in the dream was the end. Being biased and blinded, I was hoping we would go together all the way till the end but nope! Yes, you guessed it, the whole thing didn't last very long. I'm sure my spirit team (guides, angels and everything else) must have wanted to bang their heads against the wall, how much more direct can they be in giving me the sign?You can laugh, I'm laughing, too!

Or how about when I saw a hostage situation in a dream where they put people in schools (it was a personal symbol I'm not going to discuss here but basically it means everyone has to stay in their own area) with people in uniform patrolling and controlling, no one allowed in, out or visiting other areas. It started in China and spread around the world. I saw this dream in 2019 so it made no sense. In fact, even a friend who is an expert in symbolism thought I was going nuts. Well, we know what happened in 2020. I don't get this kind of dreams often, though, so don't ask me about what's going to happen in the world next year (but if you do ask me, I might look up numeric value of next year and do my annual numerology reading but that's a whole different story.) So no, I don't often get dreams about the world's situation. But then again, what happened in 2020 never happened before, either! Most of my dreams are normally about me and my life, though, which is how it's supposed to be, I need to live my life and do the best to complete my mission on earth and dreams are a way to help me reflect on things and, sometimes, also receive divine insights.

Dreams give a lot of Insights

Now you know how crazy my dreams can get. Don't worry, most of the times I get more boring dreams, like most people, so I'm still 'normal', no need to call a priest or psychiatrist yet! But even those 'boring' dreams give me a lot of insights. For examples, when I have dreams about a class or an exam, I know there is something I need to learn. When it's water, I need to check my emotion. Water is also very interesting. It can show up in so many different ways. It can be a river, an ocean, a frozen lake, a storm, a shower... In one of my recent water dreams, I was in the shower but the drainage was clogged up so the dirty water from my shower had nowhere to go until I cleaned up the clog and the dirty water that had pooled on the floor began to drain. Yes, at that time I was working on an emotional issue that was blocked for a while and I had to clear the block before I could release that stagnant, old emotion.

As you can see, I'm a big fan of dreams. I love dreams. I analyse my dreams. I don't always understand them and sometimes, things only make sense much later, but it's still worth meditating upon. Dreams help you reflect on your life situation, your emotional and mental state, sometimes, they foretell things, too. As a matter of fact, some oracles receive information during their dream state and that is how they help relay the divine messages to people. So I encourage you to interpret and analyze your dreams. Who knows what insights you might receive from your own dreams?

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