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Lion's Gate Portal - a door to Abundance

Everything You Need to Know about 08.08.2022 and how to use this powerful energy to attract abundance into all areas of your life

From July 26 to August 12, our planet will be covered by a huge Wave of Light coming from the Center of the Galaxy, thereby marking the beginning of a new planetary year.

This wave peaks on the 8th of August and the Lion's Gate portal closes on the 12th of August.

We are immersed in a powerful infusion of energy at all levels of being, when each of us has a chance to move to a new round of evolution of the consciousness and standard of living.

The "Gate" or "Stargate" is a period of about two weeks during which the vortex opens and the Earth receives a wave of intense Light from the Galactic Center.

This "wave" contains the new Light Codes for the Earth's Evolution for the next year/cycle, and is also known as the Planetary New Year.

This incoming Wave of Light is effectively "Recalibrating" the Planetary Frequencies for the Higher Levels of Consciousness.

New Light Codes and Evolutionary Templates are descending to Earth and will activate the networks and Light Bodies of all who are receptive to raising their development to a higher spiral of Consciousness.

And today I want to share how you can prepare for the new planetary year.

How to Prepare for the Planetary New Year 2022

It is worth explaining what the downloads of information and Light Codes are.

Light Codes are encrypted packets of spiritual information. Their download can be felt as a slight malaise, drowsiness, confusion in thoughts.

In this powerful period, a new cycle of time begins for us as individuals and as a planet. The Lion's Gate portal opens and a two-week adventure begins, ending on August 8th and closing on August 12th.

So let's explore 5 ways in which you can make this whole process more enjoyable and get the most out of the Lion's Gate Portal of Abundance.


1. Support your physical body

To begin with, understand that a wave of Light of such power and intensity will be a serious test for your physical body, which will have to integrate new frequencies and vibrations in an enhanced mode.

Try to find more rest, stay in a relaxed state as often as possible. Light meditations and extra sleep is also a good idea.

But most importantly, trust the process and let whatever needs to happen, happen.

Get ready to explain everything! Start with a catchy introductory sentence or two to get the ball rolling, and then begin sharing your insights with your audience.

2. Accept your emotions

Emotions are the bridge between mind and body.

Very often we feel emotions but we don’t actually express them… Then the emotion is suppressed and creates energy blocks in the body (which can lead to chronic diseases and a number of other issues).

Don’t lock your emotions up, don’t store them in the body, find a way to freely express them. There are so many ways to release emotions - even really negative ones - in a positive manner, in a way that will not hurt anyone.

You need to learn to accept and understand ANY of your emotions, even the not so pretty ones. These emotions are given to us humans for a reason, we experience them for a reason, this is how we learn and eventually develop as souls.

Only then will your emotional body be in harmony with the rest of you.

And remember! Balanced emotions are the key to opening the Heart!

3. Get out of your head

The ability to concentrate on your thoughts and be able to track your mental dialogue are important steps in spiritual growth.

However, that same mind can become a huge obstacle:

Excessive analysis and logic of the left hemisphere blocks access to the intuitive possibilities of the right hemisphere.

Moreover, talking about Unconditional Love is NOT ENOUGH.

Love needs to be felt and experienced. So GO OUT of your mind and switch to your heart.

4. Be in the heart and radiate love

The heart is the center connecting your spiritual and physical component.

It is no coincidence that we often say in our meditation you to BREATHE WITH YOUR HEART and radiate light and love from the inside out.

Consciously return to these practices when it seems to you that everything is getting out of control... In this period, this is especially important.

I invite you to listen to this meditation as often as possible, especially during this period of time:

5. Learn to see the Potential

These two weeks will be rich not only with new realizations and new perceptions of who you are, but also with windows of opportunity that will continually open up before you.

It is not necessary to grab the first idea that comes to you and immediately implement it. Your task is to pass this potential through yourself, so that later you can return to it and decide whether it is comfortable for you to take on its implementation.

Keep a record of your realizations, ideas, your transformation and new perception of reality.

Significance of 08.08

Lion’s gate portal opens every year on the 8th of August - 08.08, when the Sun, the star Sirius and the Earth are in alignment. It is believed that Sirius is our spiritual sun and when this alignment occurs in the Leo season, it opens a powerful portal. In numerology, number 8 is the number of power, infinity and connection of the above and below. When this portal opens we can align ourselves with the energy and harness it for spiritual development, growth, healing as well as receiving information and blessings into our lives.

Lion's gate Portal Abundance Affirmation

I am abundant in all areas of my life. The Universe is here to support me and make sure I receive everything I need to experience this life to the fullest. I am supported, I am loved, I feel blessed and grateful for everything I have and everything that is coming my way.

Portal of Abundance Session - 08.08.2022 - Live, zoom

For those of you who are prepared, to dive more fully into the flow of the universal tide, no longer separated from the abundance of the Source - join us this 8th of August, 19:00 BST online.

You will receive a personal message followed by healing meditation to help open your abundance energy. During this event Keadar will draw a card for each participant to deliver the divine message you need to know before the group meditation for abundance. During the meditation you will receive healing energy to help clean any blocks you have on abundance and if more information comes through we will also discuss what it means and how you can take your next step toward abundance.

Don’t wait till next year - you deserve abundance to flow into your life now:

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