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Our body strives to be healthy no matter what our lifestyle is like.

All systems in the body are constantly looking for the best equilibrium, in order to function at the highest possible level.

Detoxification, nourishment, alignment are all happening day and night, governed by our nervous system, so that we can be healthy. It is in our best interest, and also our duty, to help our body in the best possible way.

To support it in its striving for healthy state by avoiding poisonous substances and by taking care of it.

30 trillion cells are constantly creating more balance and a harmonious state of health for us. We are body, mind and spirit - a trinity - so we need to look into all of these 3 aspects. We all want to fully understand how to be happy and joyful, to engage with life with courage, an open heart and trust, following our deepest longing and fulfilling our mission on this planet.

We need to be in the best possible health, so that we can manifest our soul's calling into our physical being and life.


In this e-book Nisarga shares the purest essence of his learnings. These 8 keys have had a profound effect on Nisarga's well being and have aided many of his clients to:

  • understand why these keys are essential to your wellbeing 

  • flow into your own health practices by describing my own favourite rituals and activities  


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