This is a very special course on some of the most secret and protected information around diet,
substances, psychedelics and their relationship to spirituality.

The course is divided into two main parts. In the first you will be introduced to the subject of Shamanic Agreements, what those are and how they came about to be. You will also learn about the main types of psychedelics, substance and how plants can either serve or enslave us.


 The second series of videos looks into diet and answers questions that sooner or later might cross our minds.


  • Does food have an influence on how spiritual one is?

  • Is there such thing as a spiritual diet?

  • What do you actually get from eating certain foods?

This video is intended to aid you in growing your consciousness and passing on the knowledge from spiritual teachers that José learnt from in the last 30 years.

Price - £219


José is an international personal growth facilitator, Energy Healer, Soul Coach and teacher. He is also a Conscious Business Coach and Corporate Energy Medicine Consultant. He practices as a Bach Flower Therapist, Sound, Tantric and Mantric Healer and intuitive Reiki Master Teacher.

This is not a call to action but merely a way to share the insight that the esoteric tradition has taken over centuries on the subject of diet. Whatever you beliefs might be, we greatly respect those and just ask you to keep an open mind while receiving this information. Thank you for being able to receive and José it delighted to get to share his understanding of the subject.

Price - £219


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