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Будущее внутри


Erkki Lehtiranta M.A. is a Finnish professional astrologer, author, an explorer of reality, a valued instructor, lecturer, musicologist, journalist and raja yogi.

For over 40 years, he has studied the spiritual dimensions of life and traveled to five continents. These studies have generated 12 books and hundreds of articles, lectures and courses.

Having studied astrology for over 40 years, Erkki has been a professional astrologer for the last twenty. 

His speciality is spiritual astrology. He is a member of the Finnish Professional Astrologer’s Association. The foundation of all Erkki’s courses is spirituality. His courses and personal interpretations give guidance for self-knowledge, spiritual development and much needed support. They also open up an understanding of consciousness, life cycles and our karmic boundaries. Though dealing with deep issues, Erkki's training always has a warm and humorous atmosphere.


He has trained groups in Crete, Estonia, the Canary Islands, India and England, as well as organizing spiritual and cultural trips to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and France. 

In recent years, his key training topics have included: 

  • Astrology and well-being

  • Astrology and spiritual path

  • Spiritual Laws the Traffic Rules of the Universe 

  • The karmic grammar of the body

  • Palmistry and spiritual development

  • Karma, reincarnation and spiritual development

  • Reading reality

  • On the doorstep to a new world view

  • Star contacts – the galactic roots of mankind

  • Flower essences, vibrational remedies and well-being

  • The spiritual effects of music

  • The spiritual grammar of symbols

Erkki's 12 books are focused on the following topics: 

  • Universal Laws and Spiritual Progress – A Manual for a Meaningful Life (in English 2019, in Finnish 2012) • Astrology and Wellbeing - Find Your Own Success Codes (2017)

  • How to Read Reality - Tips for Enlightenment (2017)

  • Music, Spirituality and Wellbeing (2015) 

  • Fire – The Element of Change and Creativity (2014)

  • Water – Messenger of Life (2012)

  • On the Road and Under the Sky - Writings on a Searcher's Path (2011)

  • Astrological Cycles and Life Management (2010)

  • Plant Wisdom, Rock Memory – The Effects of Flower and Gemstone Remedies (2009) • Astrology and Spiritual Path - Pilgrimage under the Stars (2008)

  • The White Magic of Finland - The Effects of Finnish Flower Essences (2007)

  • Higher Octaves of Music - Sound and Music in Us and in the Universe (2004) 




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Будущее внутри


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