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Dr. Horacio Verini is an endocrinologist and a former head of the department of endocrinology and metabolism of Spanish Hospital of Buenos Aires.

Throughout his extensive career and 36 years of experience as a doctor, university lecturer and a mentor, Dr. Verini has developed a line of work which contributed to and enriched the field of phsycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology (P.N.E.I); rech’s vision, specialised kinesiology and traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines.

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At present, Dr. Horacio Verini works as a guest lecturer in variety of European universities. He organises and delivers anti-stress workshops for the effective management work related stress and burnout, unblocking of creativity and maintenance of psychophysical health and emotional intelligence. 


Historically, there has been a divide in the nation of health. Western medicine has focused mainly on the physical body ignoring the relationship between the emotional cause and its symptom. This mind and body division has always been rejected by the oriental medicine. 


Dr. Verini  suggests that there is no division between psychic and physical processes. Both processes present themselves simultaneously as part of life. He points out the need to understand the impact that a psychological issue, such as stress, may have in the physical body. Our emotions are not only linked to our body but more specifically to our organs. It is only by matching aches and pains with the array of feelings of those who suffer them, that they can be effectively treated.


Dr. Verini’s technique allows to access the depth of our past individual experiences: what we do not have knowledge of, but which lay beyond our conscious. Everything that happens in our lives has an impact on our bodies and recorded at cell level. Dr. Virini manages to enter the core of any trauma hidden in our unconscious mind affecting us physically.

His courses and one on one sessions unique to Spirit Mountain will be available in the near future.
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