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Our meditation session will be guided; by our teacher Keadar. If you are starting out meditating or have started but are struggling with some areas of your practice, this session will be perfect for you. 


Keadar will start by finding out where you are in your journey with meditation and give you some tips and tricks to help you deepen your meditation practice. She will go through the very basics of meditation and explain how it can help you.

This will be followed by a short meditation, guided by her. This will allow you to practise everything Keadar discussed with you prior.

After the guided meditation, there will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have as well as to discuss any further queries you may have.

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Price - £65

60 min

*Available in Russian



A healer, energy worker and an oracle. She was born and raised in Thailand where generations of healers from both mother and father's side in her lineage have passed on their gift and secrets to her.

Price - £65

60 min

*Available in Russian


We also have a bundle option available where you will get 5 one on one sessions with Keadar, you’ll be able to go deeper into your meditation practice, ask more questions and track your progress

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Price - £300

5 Sessions

*Available in Russian

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We appreciate it can be hard when you are searching for a spiritual solution but not quite sure on the path you should take. 
You can book a free 15 minute clarity call with our founder Krystyna to talk about the path that suits your needs and situation best.

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