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“At the beginning of the experiment represented by the planet Earth, the creative thought energies - those which literally called the solar system into being - came from a group of very powerful beings, known in some texts as the Elohim.”

- Hilarion

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Thought is a central factor in human life. It is in fact said that thought is the beginning of all things. It precedes speech, it is also the precursor of act and activity, even if we do not always believe this. Language is the central instrument of our mind, and in connection with thought we can speak of thought-acts, which then tend to become concrete in our actions and choices. In fact, our entire life is in some sense an expression of our thoughts.

The Law of Thought is in sense the great law of creation. In the Bible we can read; “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and Word was God.” I doubt if we damage the concept if we change “Word” to “Thought”. In my own opinion, this entire manifest universe is a great Thought of God, in other words, in everything there is God, this cosmic Thought. The Creator thinks, and words form. Finally the Divine arises in us as, well, - thinking. 

Ancient wisdom expresses this as follows; God sleeps in stone, dreams in plants, moves in animals, and awakens and becomes conscious of himself in humans.


“Until the tongue has lost its power to wound, it cannot speak the truths of the spirit.”

- Hilarion


Many things that I wrote about the cosmic Law of Thought can be applied to the Law of Speech as well. Thought and speech are in many respects parallel functions, and a person who controls his thoughts well has come far in the most important things, the control of his own self.

Speech is the continuation of thought and functions as its transformer and strengthener, allowing entrance to many levels where thought alone could not penetrate. In speech, thought is accompanied by sound frequencies, the movement of sound waves, and the dance of air molecules. This is why speech has a stronger effect on the physical level than does thought, which mainly operates on higher frequency levels.

In addition, speech is a great occult tool. At the end of the 19th century Master Hilarion dictated a book, Light on the Path (1888 George Redway, London), to the English theosophist Mabel Collins, and it is from this book that we get the motto for this chapter: “Until the tongue has lost its ability to wound, it cannot speak the truths of the spirit.” Repeated negative speech blocks the throat chakra, the center for higher self-expression and creativity. At this point the speaking of higher truths does in fact become impossible.


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Erkki Lehtiranta M.A. is a Finnish professional astrologer, author, an explorer of reality, a valued instructor, lecturer, musicologist, journalist and raja yogi. For over 40 years, he has studied the spiritual dimensions of life and traveled to five continents.

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