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Do you feel you need more abundance in life? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you’re not in the flow? Come and join us for this Portal to Abundance event! In this workshop you will learn to understand the mechanism of abundance and how your relationship with yourself matters when it comes to money. You will learn to resolve your issues around this subject as well as receive a healing meditation that will get those stagnant energies moving. 

DATE: 26.09.22 & RECURRING


PRICE: £18


What does being abundant mean to you? There are thousands of ways in which one can be abundant and all of them are equally important. However in these sessions we will focus on material and financial abundance. In the spiritual world it can often be a taboo topic and many even think that you can’t be being financially successful and spiritual at the same time. 

There are a lot of myths as well as blocks that we pick up on throughout our lives that make it so much harder to get out of the financial pit. Even though there is no magic wand that will draw abundance to you immediately, there are definitely things you can do to start stripping yourself of unnecessary beliefs that keep your financial situation stagnant. 

In these sessions we are aiming to help you identify why money energy is currently not flowing into your life at the rate that you would like it to. There could be a few different reasons for it, this is why we will focus on one issue at a time in each of the workshops. Each session will help you see what can be your abundance block and you will learn how to work with it during the first part of the event. Second part of the workshop will be dedicated to a healing meditation where you will receive energy healing to help dissolve the blocks and speed up your path to abundance .





A healer, energy worker and a spiritualist. She was born and raised in Thailand where generations of healers from both mother and father's side in her lineage have passed on their gift and secrets to her.




Having gone through a process of deep self-enquiry and transformation, Krystyna now helps other people along their journeys of self rediscovery. Reiki healer, TM meditator and Bach remedies practitioner, she uses a number of modalities to suit your particular needs. Her choice of modality is always the most gentle yet effective method.

DATE: 26.09.22 & RECURRING


PRICE: £18


“I had the good fortune of finding the invitation (TikTok) for the meditation session, "Portal to Abundance", on the actual Lion's Gate, 8/8/2022. I really enjoyed my time with the group via Zoom.
The first half was individual readings that offered insight into our current life lessons. It definitely gave me a succinct perspective and knowing on how I challenge myself day-to-day, and what I can choose instead.
The second half was a guided meditation through the Lion's Gate and subsequent path we are taking. Afterwards, we were able to share out experiences and get feedback. It was nice to hear from others, both in the personal sharing and the insight given. I felt very relaxed and at peace afterwards.
The whole session was approximately 2 hours and worked with my schedule. I found the facilitators, Krystyna and Keadar, compassionate, accommodating, and flexible (as needed between technology and circumstances that usually crop up like weeds in Zoom meetings ;)
If you are thinking about doing a course or workshop through Spirit Mountain, I found this session to be easy to sign-up, affordable, and good communication from the site, before and afterwards. Overall, I felt I was in good hands. Your really don't have anything to lose, but maybe something invaluable to gain."

“It was an amazing experience. I received the message that I needed and the meditation filled me with light and energy. Krystyna & Keadar were great and kindly answered to all the questions we had. I totally recommend it and I will definitely sign in for another session. Thank you and lot of love!"

Ariadna Mladen

“I thought the presentation was great - I loved the sentiments and closeness we all experienced even with this being via zoom."


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