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Join José Figueroa - world specialist of esoteric traditions and a co-founder of Spirit Mountain, for an introduction on what to expect from this online learning community


Meaning behind Spirit Mountain's name

Since times immemorial, mountains have always been associated with and

represent the sacred. 

Across the world, across history, in all cultures, mountains are renowned as special places where spirit dwells. 

In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, they created their own mountains - first in the forms of ziggurats and then the pyramids - as the expression of the sacred and a place of communion between man and spiritual forces. 

Mountains are by definition sacred. In every culture, in every country there are special mountains, those that are joint to the history and to the spirituality of nations, religions and people - from Mount Fuji in Japan, to Paektu Mountain in North Korea to Mount Shasta in the USA. 

We in Spirit Mountain honour all mountains. It is with this in mind that we created this platform for the advancement of consciousness and to promote spirituality and self growth.