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Haunted Houses: Places For Pleasure Or Of Pain?

It's Autumn equinox, days are getting shorter, Halloween is on my mind, had an exorcism done (to a place, over a distance, didn't go there in person), and suddenly I'm seeing posts about haunted places everywhere!

Paranormal Activity

Well, it must be the time of year, the atmosphere, the mood, whatever it is, though, it got me thinking, hard!!! Normally, when we think about haunted houses, we think 'spooky', but that's probably all. Some people might even want to visit those places for the experience, to see if there is anything paranormal that they could actually experience. It can be exciting for some, and fun for others. In this case haunted houses are very much like any other type of attractions, they are for leisure. It can feel like an adventure as well, you're there, exploring something that you cannot explain by science and yet it's there, you might see it, hear it, smell it, sense it, but you can't touch it. Some people even challenge others to spend a night at a haunted place, see if anyone is 'brave' enough to do that. All of this is on more on the 'fun' side.


Call me a party pooper, but if anyone asked me to go to a haunted house, I'd probably just do space clearing/exorcism for that place even before I leave my home. Why? Am I scared? Maybe, I do get scared but that's not why I would rather send the spirit to a better place. Well, note that, 'a better place'. The reason really is just that, to send the spirit to a better place. Think about it, have you ever heard of a house haunted by a spirit that had a happy life and died a normal death with no more attachment to our world? When you dig up the story of the spirit, haunting the place, there's usually something about a hard life or tragic death involved. Sometimes, spirits linger here after death because they still feel attached to the place or people they left behind but eventually they will move on. Most of the times, the spirits that cannot move on, the ones that are stuck here are those with tragic past or tragic death.

Ghost to Angel

When death is sudden or tragic, the spirits might not even realize they are dead, there are stuck in that moment of some cases, it's forever, unless they receive help to move on. You see, even with us, the living, we can be stuck in pain for a long time and we don't notice how time passes by, and even when we do, time seems to go by very slowly and every second is excruciatingly long. Pain may lessen as time goes by but we might still feel 'stuck' until we have worked out the issue. Now, imagine that there is no concept of time on the other side, or time works differently, the spirits can literally be stuck for eternity. Worse, where is their chance to work out their issues? They're dead. And this is something a lot of people don't realize when it comes to 'formless' entities or beings. I'll include everything that has to 3D form here, from ghosts to angels. You see, these beings and entities can be helpful, they can guide us, help us, give us information, or scare us to death, depending on the kind they are, but the privilege to act is given to us, the living! Angels can give you guidance and help arrange the right energy so certain circumstances can happen for you, but they cannot act for you, YOU still have to take action and do something. Poltergeists might move things around but I doubt that even they can actually pick up a gun, point at you and pull the trigger. They can drive you mad so YOU do something to yourself.

Fine, the examples are extreme but I hope you get my point, the possibility to take action and create something is here, in this dimension, in flesh! So if they ghosts are stuck in pain and reliving the most intense moment of their lives day after day without any possibility to fix their issues, heal their wounds and move on, is it really fun for them to be in that place? I'm not sure I should go to a haunted place just for the sake of experiencing something spooky for fun without an ability to do anything about the situation, when the source of spookiness is not having fun at all. I have more 'fun' doing exorcism and feeling the shift in energy of the place. It's similar to experiencing joy after a great healing session, I notice the positive changes taking place, people feel better, they recover and heal, and I love seeing those results. In short, if given the chance, I'd probably try to exorcise as many haunted houses as I can as long as I live.


On the other hand, I do understand people who want to visit haunted places just for the experience. It's not everyday that people feel they experience something supernatural and a lot of people do want to feel that there is something more than what we can see, something more that what we're taught to believe, and that the supernatural and paranormal anomalies exist, that they are real and not just tales. So leaving no haunted places on earth would mean this possibility to experience something paranormal is taken away from these people. Which made me think, which is better?

Sending spirits to a better place is probably the right thing to do, in my opinion anyway, but leaving them stuck also shows people that they do exist, there is a lot more out there than what we were taught in school. But then in that case, many haunted houses would be just another tourist attraction, wouldn't they? Unless, of course, someone actually lives in one of those houses and is bothered by the paranormal activities, then they might seek help from people like me, so that the spirit can move on and the resident can live 'normally'.

Are Ghosts Real?

There are, however, people who seem to like living with the house ghosts. Unfortunately, I know more than one of those and I think it is unfortunate because even if the ghosts seem nice, there must be a reason for them not to be able to move on, right? And by not wanting them to move on, are you helping them? Some people gain something from this, from being able to ask the ghosts to fetch information for them to having 'someone' to watch their homes for them. I knew a guy who was attached to a (dead) rabbit's spirit. He said the spirit/ghost of that rabbit was really helpful to him so he always enjoyed its company. For a long time, I didn't know about this. I only found out about it because he once called me and said he was sad and there was nothing he could do about it and when I asked, it turned out that the rabbit was sad and the sadness was contagious. There was nothing he could do to help himself so I began to ask why he had that rabbit with him.

Long story short, this happens a lot, at first, you think the ghost helps you, they might, but after a while, the true reason behind their being stuck here will come out and sooner or later they will start to feed off your energy and in this guy's case, until he was out of joy. Well, 5 years with that spirit, I was surprised he lasted that long. I told him to send love and healing to the rabbit, he got the point and sent Reiki to the ghost rabbit. Since this guy was really psychic he could see how the rabbit became lighter and disappeared into the light. He never suffered from that kind of sadness again ever since the rabbit has found the light. So no matter how nice the ghosts are, for them to stay here they longer than necessary, they will need energy so where would they take it from if not from the people they are attached to? Having energy sucked up like that can show up as issues in health (mental or physical), money, luck, whichever is your 'weak' spot. I've seen and heard about this again and again for most of my life, and I wonder why people keep doing this. Isn't this also considered necromancy? Sure you didn't go to resurrect the dead from the grave but you feed the ghost, often in exchange for something. A lot of these people don't even notice that they are feeding 'their' ghosts with their own energy. For some, it's like, 'oh the ghost was stuck here even before we moved in, and we kinda like it, so we will keep it and no exorcism!'... Well, their choice but I suppose by now you know what I think.

One more thing, if you're a friend of mine and want to invite me to stay over, know that if I get really uncomfortable while staying there I might start giving healing to the whole place, so if your home is haunted and you prefer it that way, just don't invite me to sleep over at your place.

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